When you have once seen the glow of happiness on the face of a beloved person, you know that a man can haveno vocation but to awaken that light on the faces surrounding him. In the depth of winter,
I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.
_ Albert Camus _

$58 - $200 per treatment

Face Services / 面部服務

  • Basic Facial Treatment -基本面保護理
  • Soft Mask or Cold Mask Treatment -營養水份軟性或硬性倒模
  • Maria Galland Treatments -Maria Galland 活膚療程
  • Enzymarine Renovating & Brightening Mask -海洋酵素換膚美白療法
  • Sothy's Treatments -Sothy's 療程
  • Jean D'Arcel Treatments -Jean D'Arcel 療程
  • "Reviderm" Skin Peeler Micro Peeling -超時空水晶 晶換膚療法
  • "Bio e-2000 Facial Lifting -Bio e-2000 電腦修緊治療
  • "LASERLIFE Soft 924 Skin Revitalzing Treatment -LASERLIFE Soft 924 光學话膚儀療法
  • Sono Light Bio-skin Treatment -Sono Light 光子聲頻激活廋面療法

Body Services / 身體服務

  • Full Body Massage -全身按摩
  • Hot Stone Massage Therapy -熱石按摩療法
  • Slimming Treatment (P.R. Cell) -全身纖體按摩(溶脂機)
  • Slimming Treatment (Bio Cell) -超聲波纖體
  • N.S. Top 80 Sliming Treatment -快速溶脂藥水繃帶朿身減肥
  • Optislimming Institute Treatment -特效溶脂深海泥槳全身減肥
  • Detoxifying (Slimming and Draining) Treatment -深層消脂瘦身療法
  • Hand Spa Treatment -手部激白嫩膚療程
  • Thal'ion Treatment -Thal'ion 浸浴療法
  • 30-min Foot Massage -腳部按摩

Other Services / 其它服務

  • Make-up for Party  -晚妝宴會化妝
  • Bridal Make-up   -新娘化妝
  • Eyelash Perming   -電眼睫毛
  • Manicure   -手部美甲
  • Pedicure   - 腳部美甲
  • Eyebrow Reshaping   -修眉
  • Mole Removal   -脫墨脫痣
  • Waxing   -蜜蠟脫毛
  • Eye Care - "Sothy's Eye Cont. I.T.   -Sothy's眼部滋潤去皺護理全套
  • " LASERLIFE Soft 924 Eye Treatment   -光學活膚集美眼療程
  • "Maria Galland" Modelling Eye Zone Treatment  -Maria Galland